Hey friends! Selecting the lighting for my home was one of my favorite parts of the design process. I feel that light fixtures can really make a statement and set the tone for each room. I probably spent 100 hours searching for the perfect lighting for my home….I know!!! I was a little bit obsessive about it! 😬🙈

Because I’m often asked on my Instagram page about my lighting, I thought I would create an easy go-to guide and provide links to all the lighting I have in my house! A few of the fixtures are similar to the ones I purchased because the original one is no longer available or aren’t available online.

Click on the affiliate link below that corresponds to the number next to the chandelier.

1. Playroom Wood Bead Chandelier

2. Master Bathroom Vanity Light

3. Similar to Kitchen Pendants

4. Kitchen Nook Chandelier

5. Entryway Chandelier

6. Dining Room Chandelier

7. Master Bathroom Chandelier

8. Family Room Chandelier

9. Similar to Chandelier in Oldest Daughter’s Room

10.Office Industrial Chandelier

11. Similar to Chandelier in Youngest Daughter’s Room

12. Similar to Chandelier in my Son’s Room